Word Recon Review and Bonus

Word Recon is a new product that’s launching on May 22 from Justin Sardi.

Does WordRecon work? Our Full Blown Review

The growing competition of ‘online business advertisement’ on the internet has given rise to many keyword research tools.

WordRecon is one of the amazing and extremely helpful keyword research tools on the internet. With the advancements in content marketing, e-commerce, SEO, video marketing and many other types of keyword research, the need of a tool to extract most effective and relevant keywords for internet marketing campaigns has raised to a new level.

Here’s the difference –

WordRecon is a keyword research tool that is used to discover search phrases that people are typing into various search engines to find particular information or to visit a particular website of their interest. This tool harness keyword auto-suggestions from 12 well known sources including:

  • Google
  • yahoo
  • Bing
  • Google play
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • EBay
  • Amazon.com
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Etsy
  • Fiverr

What About The Word Recon Bonus Package?

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10 Total Score
Word Recon: The Verdict

The WordRecon keyword suggestion software tool is the best choice for optimizing your business online. It provides great keyword suggestions including effective keywords, less competent keywords, relevant and targeted keywords for a particular business. The various sources used for keyword suggestions that includes search engines and e-commerce websites are really very helpful in analysing the search market with larger range of user’s view. The mobile friendly interface and cloud based dashboard is truly an appealing feature of WordRecon. So in nutshell, WordRecon is a great choice for webmasters and entrepreneurs who eagerly want to expand their business on Web.

Ease of Use

The keyword suggestions given by WordRecon are very important for a website to attract and drive traffic and to increase business. Standard keyword research technology includes searching a keyword for business and then researching about its variants and competitors through various free and paid resources.

The most of the keyword research tools use the data from Google Keyword planner. Due to this dependence, the keywords suggestions given by these tools are biased for paid search advertising. The WordRecon tool is using 12 different sources for suggesting the keywords to SEO experts and is not biased to a particular search engine.

The Word Recon tool is built to extract exact search phrases used by millions of people around the world on various search engines and information websites. It returns result in the form of more effective, relevant and targeted keywords. The keyword suggestions are highly profitable for e-commerce businesses.

It also uncovers the hidden keywords of Google Adwords keyword planner.

Exclusive Features of WordRecon

The design of Wordrecon software tool is very simple and user-friendly. It is a powerful package that provides various keyword suggestion facilities under its undoubtedly very simple interface.

The features of WordRecon are explained as following:

  • Completely mobile friendly: The interface is designed to use on desktop as well as mobile devices or phones. It can be effectively opened on any type of small and portable devices.
  • Categorize trends:  The WordRecon tool can display number of times a word has occurred in search results. This will be very helpful in identifying and categorizing the trends of online business.
  • No Installation:  WordRecon follows cloud-based architecture so there is no need to install it on personal computer. User can directly work on it without installation by simply logging in to software on internet.
  • In-depth keyword research: Various search options available in the tool allow users to perform in-depth research in any market and uncover highly targeted and relevant exact matching keywords.
  • Archive keyword lists: The keyword lists can be easily saved and filtered and can be accessed anywhere anytime through internet.
  • Geographic targeting option: User can do keyword research targeting to any particular country. This will really help in selecting most relevant keyword for a particular region.
  • Extravagant Web Page analyser:  The WordRecon software consists of a buit-in Web Page analyser tool that is able to extract metadata including anchor tags and keyword tags of videos from a web page.
  • Export of Keywords: User can easily export suggested keywords to any other available keyword tool for analysis.

What are the Benefits to Using Word Recon vs Other Keyword Research Tools?

  • Find quickly dominating keywords:  The tool discovers keywords by using the keywords that are auto-suggested by various search engines. The keywords suggested are very effective because they match the exact phrases searched by people.
  • Find overlooked niches: By using WordRecon user can find the niches that are often ignored or unnoticed in the market. These low attention niches can really give great opportunities.
  • Find less competent specific keywords: WordRecon uses 12 keyword suggestion sources which will effectively uncover more long tail keywords with low competition, than any other keyword planner tool.
  • More insight for e-commerce: The keyword suggestion sources of WordRecon not only include search engines but also many successful e-commerce websites. So by using this tool user can find out exact phrases that people are typing into e-commerce websites. So user can gain a larger insight for e-commerce websites.
  • Proven training system: The WordRecon offers the users a very good proven seven figure training system explaining them do’s and don’ts of selling software online. It helps user to establish a profitable online business.
  • Effective business building support: The WordRecon offers extremely skilled and experienced help-desk staff that can effectively assist the user in any matters regarding building of successful business.
  • Prominent Dashboard: The WordRecon tool has an appealing cloud based dashboard that lets user to access software easily, create accounts, and refer training system or converse with WordRecon representatives from any browser.


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